Routine Check-Ups & Cleans

We recommend for your first visit that you attend 5-10 minutes earlier than your appointment time so that you can complete patient paperwork including a comprehensive medical history prior to seeing the dentist.


We will consult and discuss with you any concerns you may have and will also review your medical and dental history.


Our examination may include dental x rays and intra-oral pictures as well as an assessment of the teeth, periodontal and soft tissues. This enables us to identify and discuss your dental requirements and present a treatment plan. Depending on your individual needs we may require a second consultation appointment to allow us time to gather more information.


The appointment normally incorporates dental cleaning (scale and polish). Some patients may not need to have their teeth cleaned yet others may require several appointments for cleaning, depending on their periodontal health.


Why we scale and polish


Plaque and calculus (tartar) are bacterial deposits that form on teeth causing dental decay and periodontal disease. Regular scaling and cleaning of the teeth will remove this build up and combined with good oral hygiene, diet and lifestyle choices will prevent dental problems. In addition regular cleaning removes staining and helps maintain the life of your existing dental restorations.


We recommend that all our patients come in for a regular check-up and clean; this could be six monthly or annually depending on the patient's individual needs.




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