Fillings, Inlays, Onlays, Veneers & Crowns



A filling (or restoration) replaces part of the tooth that has been lost due to caries or fracture of the tooth.  Fillings can also be used to cosmetically change the shape, colour, and size of the teeth.


Composite resins, Glass ionomers and Amalgams are filling materials that can be placed directly by your dentist. These are best suited to small cavities.





Inlays and Onlays

Are lab made or machine milled restorations that are appropriate when the cavity to be restored is large. These can be Gold or Cerami.  Zirconia and Emax are the most common ceramic materials we use at our practice.


Our Dentists can discuss the options with you. These are constructed from an impression taken by the dentist.






Veneers may be used to improve the appearance of teeth by changing the colour and or shape of the teeth. They can be made from composite resin which is constructed directly in the mouth or can be made from porcelain which can made indirectly outside the mouth after an impression. These porcelain veneers can then be bonded to the front surface of the tooth.







Dental crowns (also sometimes referred to as caps) completely cover and encase the crown of the tooth. Crowns are an effective way to strengthen teeth  and are used when the integrity of a tooth has been extensively compromised, usually as a result of extensive dental decay, root canal therapy or when a large portion of tooth or filling has broken away. Crowns are constructed by preparing the tooth and taking impressions at our practice, which are then used by a laboratory to construct or mill the crown.